Volunteer with the Medical Reserve Corps and make a difference!

If you would like to volunteer to participate in preparedness planning, exercising or to help in an actual emergency, please join our Medical Reserve Corps unit. For more information on volunteering visit http://www.wildcatmrc.org/

Questions? Contact the Geary County Health Department at 785-762-5788 or Charles Martinez at charles.martinez@gearycounty.org.


Public Health Preparedness Program Overview

The Health Department spends time behind the scenes every year planning and preparing for public health emergencies. Plans have developed that respond to multiple potential hazards including pandemic influenza, smallpox, tornado and flood.

There are three steps to the preparedness planning the Health Department participates in:


The first step of preparedness is planning for emergencies. The Health Department has a planner that works with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, local fire and police departments, the Geary County Emergency Management office, and community members from Junction City, Grandview Plaza, Milford and Geary County. In addition, plans are developed for emergencies that span county borders and include Fort Riley, Riley County and Pottawatomie County.


The second step of preparedness is exercising the plans to see if they really work.  Plans have been exercised in both Junction City, Milford, and Grandview Plaza.

Drive-thru clinics are one way the Health Department exercises plans.  In a drive-thru clinic, shots are provided to drivers and passengers as they put their arms out the window of the vehicle. Vehicles can complete the drive-through clinic in 5 minutes or less. This proved to be a fast and efficient way to provide medication to members of the community in an emergency.

Evaluation and Rewrite

The third part of preparedness planning is evaluating the exercise to see if the plan worked and rewriting the areas that did not function as hoped.