Your child should have a physical at least once a year to help your child stay healthy. Preschools, daycare’s, and schools may require that your child have a physical prior to enrollment. Both the Health Department and JCYC can provide the following physicals for your child

  • Kan-Be-HealthyContentImage05
  • Head Start
  • School Physicals
  • Sports physicals
  • Daycare
  • Summer camp or Fun Clubs

A physical may include lab tests, vision, speech, lead, and developmental screening. The nurse will verify which tests your child needs.

Adult Physicals:

The following physicals are offered for adults by scheduled appointments:

  • Pre-employment (not KDOT)
  • Childcare provider.


Appointments are necessary for children’s physicals. For an appointment or information, please call the Health Department at: (785) 762-5788 or JCYC at: (785) 762-5022.

Appointments are necessary for adult physicals. For information or an appointment call the Health Department at: (785) 762-5788.