The Geary County Health Department offer paternity testing for clients through Lab Corps and Orchid laboratories for court ordered testing.  Social Rehabilitation Services (SRS) will arrange the appointment for clients they refer.

Private paternity tests

Individuals seeking private paternity testing may contact laboratories directly through the numbers below. The laboratory that you call will ask you for the best time for you to come to the Health Department for paternity testing, and the laboratory will call the Health Department to set up the appointment. To contact a laboratory, call either of the numbers listed below during business hours:

  • Cell Mark: 1-888-837-8323
  • Laboratory Corps: 1800-742-3944
  • Orchid Paternity: 1-800-DNA-Test
Paternity Testing FAQ’s

How much does the paternity test cost?

The Health Department is contracted with the above laboratories, who pay the costs for collection of DNA. The actual cost for this testing can be obtained by calling the above numbers.

Will I need to pay anything to the Health Department when I go for my paternity test appointment?

You will not have to pay anything to the Health Department for the paternity test. You will make your payments directly to the laboratories.